Jhaveri’s Mast Spices Rajashahi Garam Masala (100g), Chai Masala 50g), Pav Bhaji Masala (100g), Turmeric Powder (200g) – Assorted Masala Combo Pack of 4

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  • TRESURED AROMATIC RAJASHAHI GARAM MASALA – Jhaveri’s Mast Rajashahi Garam Masala is a delicious blend of Indian spices, that can be an everyday seasoning for vegetables, dal, rajma, or your favorite nonveg dish. It is made from specially chosen whole spices (Coriander, Chilli, Cloves & Cloves Sticks, Cumin, Stone Flower, Bay Leaf, Iodized Salt, Cassica Bark) of the best origin. It not only flavours and add zing to your Indian food but also provides you with numerous health benefits.
  • ENJOY A PERFECT MASALA CHAI – YOUR TEA, YOUR FLAVOR – Jhaveri’s Mast Chai Masala or Tea Masala is an aromatic blend of whole spices (Cloves & Cloves Sticks, Dried Ginger Powder, Big & Small Cardamom, Tejpata, Black Pepper, Pepper Root) which makes Indian tea flavorful. Add this to your Masala Chai to make the perfect fragrant tea. It adds a very unique flavor to the tea and also enhances the health benefits with the warming whole spices.
  • ENJOY BOMBAY PAV BHAJIS AT HOME - Jhaveri’s Mast Pav Bhaji Masala is the blend of dry roasted spices (Kashmiri Chilli, Corriander, Cumin, Fennel Seeds, Stone Flower, Bay Leaf, White Pepper, Carom Seeds, Cloves & Cloves Sticks, Green Cardamom, Iodized Salt, Cassica Bark, Black Salt, Kachari, Turmeric) that goes in the Mumbai’s famous street food pav bhaji recipe. This aromatic spice mix is added to the mashed vegetable mix which lifts the aroma and taste of the bhaji recipe.
  • JHAVERI’S MAST TURMERIC POWDER – It is an unforgettable spice, key coloring and flavoring agent in curries, produced from pure turmeric rootstalks and is packed with curcumin, a strong antioxidant with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. In India turmeric is always added at the beginning of the cooking process and sauteed with other aromatics, and responsible for the color of curry. Turmeric can support joint health, a strong digestive system and natural healing.
  • STATE OF ART PRODUCTION & QUALITY ASSURANCE - Our authentic complex spice blends have been passed down generations and have been perfected over the years. Manufactured in our new state-of-the art facility using sophisticated machinery, our spices are prepared after exhaustive research and deep understanding of consumer's need. Processed in the facility that also processes Wheat and Sesame seeds.

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