Jhaveri’s Mast Rajashahi Garam Masala (50g), Black Pepper Powder (50g), Shahi Chicken Masala (50g), Meat Masala (50g), Subji Masala (50g) – Masala Combo Pack of 5

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  • TRESURED AROMATIC RAJASHAHI GARAM MASALA – Jhaveri’s Mast Rajashahi Garam Masala is a delicious blend of Indian spices, that can be an everyday seasoning for vegetables, dal, rajma, or your favorite nonveg dish. It is made from specially chosen whole spices (Coriander, Chilli, Cloves & Cloves Sticks, Cumin, Stone Flower, Bay Leaf, Iodized Salt, Cassica Bark) of the best origin. It not only flavours and add zing to your Indian food but also provides you with numerous health benefits.
  • BLACK PEPPER POWDER – MORE THAN JUST A SPICE – Kali Mirch has been deemed the “king of spices” and has anti-inflammatory properties, used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine. Jhaveri’s Mast Black Pepper Powder is made by selecting premium quality peppercorn which is cleaned thoroughly before grinding. low temperature grinding facilitates proper taste and aroma retention. It is used in several dishes to improve taste and enhance flavor. It can also be used in tea during cough & cold.
  • EXPERIENCE THE DELICIOUS SHAHI MURG WITH SHAHI CHICKEN MASALA - Jhaveri’s Mast Shahi Chicken Masala is truly a kitchen game-changer as its roots lie in the royal kitchens of the Mughal Emperors. It is a blend of superior quality premium spices, having strong yet complementary flavours such as robust onion, garlic, coriander, cassia, cardamom, clove and more. This is all in one spice for shahi chicken curries and dishes, can also be used for soya and egg curries too.
  • MEAT MASALA: AN ALL-IN-ONE CULINARY BLEND - Jhaveri’s Mast Meat Masala is prepared from high quality aromatic spices procured from farmers, carefully washed, dry roasted to the perfect temperature, to retain the essential oils. The mouth-watering aroma and lip-smacking flavour that our Meat Masala imparts to any dish, makes it a popular culinary choice for Indian meat curries requiring a dark gravy. Blended with a large variety of spices, meat masala’s nutritional value goes off the charts.
  • COOK YOUR DAILY VEGGIES WITH SABJI MASALA - Jhaveri’s Mast Sabji Masala is a combination of authentic grounded spices which can be used for the preparation of daily Indian curries or vegetable mixes. It contains a blend of spices which gives good flavor and aroma to the dish that has lots of vegetables. This is a spice blend used for the daily mixed vegetables which can be had with naan, chapatti of roti. A pinch of this, and your vegetable dish will go stir-crazy with excitement.

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